5.11 Rush 72 Pack Review


The 5.11 Rush 72 military backpack is designed for durability and is the largest of three models of 5.11 Rush backpacks: the 12, 24 and 72. The backpack is intended for missions that lasts up to three days or 72 hours. There are separate zippered pockets and open pouches, which are inside each section. A special fleece-lined pouch helps to prevent scratches on sunglasses or cellular phones. The Grab and Go Handle is used for lifting the bag and is located on the top.
rush72_2The backpack is designed for use on rugged terrain, which can challenge police departments, military personnel and firefighters. Camouflage colors add to the practicality of the bag, which is offered in black, sandstone, storm, multi-cam, flat dark earth and TAC OD. The olive drab (OD) is a dull green color that blends into forested areas. The backpack is compact, with a 47.5 liter capacity within 2894 cubic inches.

A smaller backpack disconnects from the complete unit and can be used during a quick walk around an area. We used the waist straps to relieve the strain on our shoulders or rolled and tucked them inside a flap, which stored them out of the way. The rear of the backpack is equipped with a removable, aluminum stabilizer rod that controlled sagging and positioned the rear of the bag flat against our backs. Gear may be attached to the web-platform on three sides of the bag, which is compatible with MOLLE gear.

511-rush-72-interior-compartmentsThere are deep shove-it pockets, mesh pockets and a rear hydration pocket with openings for tubes. The pockets help to stabilize the load and reduce any friction that is created from gear that may roll around. There are pull strings that can tie a zipper tab in place, which ensures that the backpack does not open accidentally.
The shove-it pockets provide easy storage for gear. They were large enough to permit us to push our hands to the bottom of the pockets. Other inside pockets have straps or fasteners. A rear mesh pocket, which is near the top of the backpack, has an upper and lower zippered closure that permits entry from the bottom or the top of the pocket.

511-rush-72-shoulder-strapsThe shoulder straps have a wide oval design that circles around the shoulder and neck area. A curved center section is attached to the closed-cell foam shoulder straps near the sides of the backpack. The design helped to cradle our shoulders and to distribute the load evenly across our upper backs. The C-clips on the shoulder straps permitted us to make adjustments for our different heights. The hydration compartment has rear closed-cell foam padding, which cushioned the load against our backs.

511-rush-72The backpack is made from water-repellent, 1000D nylon, which helps to keep maps and documents dry. The exterior of the bag, inside flaps and bag compartments are treated with water-repellent coatings. There is a nylon flap over the zippers that close the main compartments. The shield is like an umbrella over the zippers and helps to keep water out of the bag. And, the backpack is also equipped with drainage holes on the bottom of the bag.

In the world of military backpacks, 5.11 comes through again.


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