5.11 Backpacks

At the Military Backpack Guide, we love gear made by 5.11 Tactical. When we review something made by this amazing company, we get excited. Here are some 5.11 Tactical backpacks, rucksacks and MOLLE accessories we’ve reviewed. Enjoy!


The 5.11 Rush 72 military backpack is designed for durability and is the largest of three models of 5.11 Rush backpacks: the 12, 24 and 72. The backpack is intended for missions that lasts up to three days or 72 hours. There are separate zippered pockets and open pouches, which are inside each section. A [...]


5.11 Tactical makes some of the finest quality military backpacks available on the consumer market.  This company has never spared a penny in the material they use to construct their military quality gear.  The RUSH 24 backpack is no exception. By far,  5.11's most popular all purpose assault pack, the RUSH 24 has everything you [...]