MOLLE II Standard Gov’t Issue Backpack- Strong, Solid and Loyal


The MOLLE II Standard Issue Backpack, manufactured by USGI, is one serious hell of a pack and, it has one of the highest customer ratings of all the Military Backpacks we’ve reviewed. Its most appealing feature would have to be its size. This thing has a ton of room, but the space is distributed in a way that makes it very comfortable to carry. The large main compartment alone can hold approximately between 3,500 and 4,000 cubic inches of gear. The double zipper front pocket is about 11″ x 6″ x 3″. The large main section is about 18″ x 20″ x 9″. The sleep carrier part has enough room for a huge sleeping bag or a two-man tent and smaller sleeping bag, and the entire pack has a 120 lb. load capacity. Seriously, you can bring a ton of gear in this thing.government-issue-molle-II-pack_2

We received the “Desert Camo” design, which I believe is the only option currently available. This pack is Genuine U.S. Military Issue. Though technically in “used” condition, ours seemed in mint condition, and was certainly a great deal for the price.  All in all, this government issue pack features a main pack, sleep carrier, frame, shoulder strap and waist belt. We were quite surprised by the level of comfort this pack provides. The shoulder straps and waist attachment are thickly padded, so nothing is cutting into you and it fits snugly around you without twisting, cinching or loosening up. All the straps are fully adjustable. We also found that the straps are great for hanging things off of without getting in the way.

Not counting the waist straps, the MOLLE II is about 25″ tall by 18″ wide by 18″ deep. The fabric is thick and durable. Though not technically waterproof, we found that it held up government-issue-molle-II-pack_3remarkably well when exposed to water.  What we loved most about this pack was its comfort, capacity and durability. It’s no surprise that this is a military pack, because it doesn’t mess around with any unnecessary gadgets or flimsy material. Being government issue, it includes exactly what’s needed for survival while still seeming lightweight. The zippers are heavy duty and it arrives fully assembled and weighing in under 10 lbs. when empty. It would have been nice to find that this pack was set up for a hydration pack, especially considering that it’s meant for long journeys. We also felt that the manufacturer could have gone the extra mile and used a %100 waterproof material, but the pros certainly outweigh the cons.

We tested this pack for a 3-day outdoor excursion and it definitely passed with flying colors. If you’re looking for a pack to get you through a 6-month mountaineering hike, you should keep looking. This backpack has enough room for 2 or 3 days worth of gear while also maintaining the comfort needed for that amount of time. Alternatively, it’s a great size pack for a day trip without being a burden to carry around. Great for families, for hikers, for survivalists, the MOLLE II Standard Issue Backpack is very versatile, and an awesome choice to accompany you on your next journey.


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