About Me

Hi, I’m Mike and I run the site https://militarybackpackguide.com .  I’ve always been into military gear of all types.  As a kid, I can remember my mother taking me to this outfitter’s store which was just south of the town we lived in.  The store was called “Sunny’s Surplus” and it was the best.  Her taking me there was like a reward/treat for good behavior.  They had all the best stuff and I never wanted to leave.  I basically wanted one of every item in the store.  They had backpacks, e-tools (entrenching), knives, tents, boots, clothing, water purifier, lanterns, you name it!  And, it was all military grade.  I knew back then that military gear was some of the best out there.

I got to use all that gear and more when I turned 18 and joined the United States Marine Corps.  Not only did I get to play with all the gear I used to see in the store, I was ISSUED IT!  Finally, all this wonderful stuff was mine! (not to mention an M16A2 rifle).  I guess I just always figured that the military needed to have the best gear imaginable and, because I’m really into quality, I’ve always been really into military surplus too.

During my time in our beloved Marine Corps, of all the gear I was issued, my backpack was likely one of the most important pieces.  Although I had to turn it back in to supply when I was discharged, that backpack kept all of my gear safe and close to me through whatever came my way.  My pack served me well no matter the situation.

I’ve created MilitaryBackpackGuide.com as a definitive guide to the most popular military backpacks.  Some of this guide is based on research and is completely non-biased while some information is based on real world experience from the perspective of a US Marine.  I hope you enjoy!