The VISM Tactical Backpack is a small to mid capacity backpack manufactured by NcStar. The main compartment has an internal capacity of over 1,200 sq inches and there are six additional smaller compartments: two on each side and two on the back. It’s also fully adjustable to accommodate different sizes and is available either in [...]

The ALPS Outdoorz Commander is a serious pack for serious people. with over 5000 cubic inches of internal capacity, there isn’t much that you you’ll have to leave home. This pack isn’t for the light packer. Quality Nylon construction and covered zippers are standard. External frame design which we don’t see too much of nowadays but we know from past experiences, if you’ve got heavy loads to haul, external frame packs are the only way to travel.

In this post, we’ll be explaining the concept behind survival gear and why it is necessary to your excursions. Interestingly, survival gear isn’t just for Les Stroud of Survivorman – you have survival gear in your house right now and, most of you have it in your vehicle as well.

The MOLLE(pronounced like the name “Molly”) system is designed for rough terrain and harsh conditions. MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. The system uses modularity with easy access points for attaching gear. The equipment is a favorite of military units, police departments and fire departments. The design for load-bearing equipment was preceded [...]

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