FYI: A few words on GORUCK’s “SCARS Lifetime Warranty”


I’m a huge fan of GORUCK products, and if you’re a fan of this site, you’ll remember when I reviewed their GR-1 rucksack.  GORUCK has a small roster of products by comparison to other companies, but every single product they make, is made 100% right here in the United States by Americans, and to me, that makes all of their products intrinsically valuable in its own right.

GORUCK is big on community involvement and making personal fitness fun, but if you’ve ever shopped their inventory, you’ll notice that many of their products are also big on price.  Because of this, I wanted to write a short piece today on “value”, and after that, I intend to share with you, the value GORUCK offers through its SCARS Warranty.  If you’re too impatient to read on, then I’ll offer you a spoiler:  If you buy a GORUCK bag, they’ll basically offer to fix it for you forever – try that with any other company.

 “GORUCK-built gear that has defects in manufacturing, materials and normal wear and tear will be replaced or repaired at the discretion of the GORUCK SCARS repair crew. No proof of purchase required, we can recognize our own gear.”

Value is something of an interpretive word, and as such, it defines itself differently for everyone.  What is value anyway?  Value is an aspect of something that has worth – to you.  For example, if you wanted to open a checking account, you would have dozens of choices.  However, only a few banks offer “mobile deposit” which allows you to deposit a check using your cell phone.  If you’re the type that likes to go into the bank and deposit checks the old fashioned way, the mobile deposit feature would have no value at all to you – a completely useless offering.  But, maybe you’re on the run all day and it’s easiest and most convenient for you to deposit checks in the evening while you watch TV and wind down.  Suddenly, the tables are turned and you will only consider 3 banks because the mobile deposit feature is such a high value to you.

Shopping for a Military or Tactical-grade backpack is a perfect opportunity to explore the idea of value, because there are many brands, all of which offer features they think will be a high value to you.  Triple stitching, extra hydration compartments, flush PALS webbing as opposed to the gold standard 1″ weave – you name it, and the manufacturers of military and tactical gear are working on developing it and including the features in their products.  Remember how I said “value” is different for all people?  Here’s where the rubber meets the road: damage.  If you use your pack enough, in time, it will become damaged.  It doesn’t matter what company made it, or if it used 500D or 1000D Nylon – it’s gonna get shitted up at some point.  That’s where GORUCK brings HUGE value to the table, because one of the features of every single product they make, is that it includes their SCARS lifetime warranty.

The SCARS warranty does not mean they will fix your gear for free, forever, no matter what.  If you shoot your pack with 00 Buck, you’ll have to pay to have it fixed.  I will say, however, I’ve never seen a more fair company when it comes to taking care of their own(the customer). Even when you abuse their gear, they are still very fair about fixing it.  The SCARS warranty is a lifetime service program.  GORUCK loves their products, and it might be true to say, that the only thing they love more, are the people who buy them.

 “We’re happy to stitch up any GORUCK built gear that’s been burned, shot, slashed or sawed for a reasonable repair charge – or to help you get a new one, if it can not be repaired. Stuff happens and part of our mission statement at GORUCK is Do Right By People and we live by that.”

Those statements are a powerful testament of what GORUCK stands for.  I think there’s an extremely high value in a company standing behind their products this passionately.  This isn’t the most interesting or exciting read – I know that – but I thought it might be nice to take a step back, and mention the SCARS warranty, because sooner or later, your pack is going to break, and I promise you won’t worry about it if it’s a GORUCK.  They are definitely not the cheapest rucksack out there, but they are however, backed up like no other.


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