Know Your Gear

What’s the difference between an internal and external frame backpack? Internal frame backpacks are completely different than external frame models.  The only real similarity they share is that they both hold stuff.  Once you get past that, you’re dealing with two very different animals.  One is made to carry copious quantities of gear while the [...]


MOLLE vest setup is a question that comes to me all the time. The fact is, it’s a preference more than a requirement issue, but we’re going to discuss it anyhow.


-40 sleeping bags represent the most hardcore sleeping gear obtainable, and for an expedition into the back country or mountains amidst the deep-freeze, it’s extremely important to have, because isolated areas take additional time to reach, should anyone need aid – this rig could save your life. Being one of the most critical pieces of [...]

survival gear

In this post, we’ll be explaining the concept behind survival gear and why it is necessary to your excursions. Interestingly, survival gear isn’t just for Les Stroud of Survivorman – you have survival gear in your house right now and, most of you have it in your vehicle as well.

What is “Bug out gear”? Bug out gear is the necessary equipment that someone would need should they be forced to quickly leave an area due to natural disaster, terror threat or any other immediate safety reason.  Military personnel are fully aware of potential threats and are trained for survival. They must protect themselves from [...]


The MOLLE(pronounced like the name “Molly”) system is designed for rough terrain and harsh conditions. MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-Carrying Equipment. The system uses modularity with easy access points for attaching gear. The equipment is a favorite of military units, police departments and fire departments. The design for load-bearing equipment was preceded [...]


When it comes to choosing a Military backpack, you’ll see lots of terms thrown around. MOLLE and ALICE are common terms used and we show you the difference between these two bags.

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