Maxpedition Vulture II – An incredible 3 day rucksack


The Maxpedition Vulture 2 backpack is perfect for outdoorsmen, especially hikers and campers. It can store just about anything needed for a multi-day trip. We took a 3 day expedition and were able to fit everything that we needed in the pack. It has an impressive 2810 cubic inches worth of internal space. It’s sold in a variety of colors including black, foliage green, a military esque khaki and OD green.


In Depth Review

maxpedition-vulture-II_2While the pack looks fairly plain, it is designed with function in mind instead of form. It boasts all sorts of pockets and compartments for a variety of gear. There’s a generously sized main compartment that measures 19” by 15” by 7.5”. Within this main storage space, we found a handy mesh zipped pocket to safeguard additional items that are extra fragile. There’s another “medium” sized compartment that measures 15” by 12” by 2.75” that boasts an open top style internal organizer along with a hook to secure a set of keys. We also found a nifty slip style pocket that measures 15” by 12” by 0.25” towards the front part of the medium sized pocket. We were able to easily store our maps and notebooks along with other small items in this section.


maxpedition-vulture-II_3Finally, there’s a sizable hydration compartment to store a water bottle.
In terms of comfort, the pack’s straps are well padded though a bit on the narrow side. It is worth noting that no one in our crew complained of any shoulder or back pain during the expedition. This military style pack is built with 1000 Denier water resistant / abrasion resistant lightweight ballistic nylon. The bottom is completely made of non-slip nylon that prevents the bag from developing any holes over time. There’s also a Teflon coating to keep the pack free of dirt and any other sundry natural elements. We all agreed that the pack was built with excellent craftsmanship and had no troubles when dropping the pack to the ground or brushing it against trees, bushes and the like.

maxpedition-vulture-II_4The Vulture 2’s zippers are high strength YKK and keep the pack firmly closed at all times. The internal seams are taped and finished for extra reinforcement to protect against water. Stress points have been double stitched, boxed and X’d to add extra strength. This pack won’t be falling apart at the seems anytime soon or possibly ever.


Overall, the Maxpedition Vulture 2 is solidly made, with a simple design and smartly laid out internal

compartments. It doesn’t have any flashy aesthetics but it serves a purpose. It carries what is necessary for an elongated outdoor adventure and it does so with superior functionality. Its straps hold the pack firmly to the back and there’s even a hip strap to spread the weight burden across the body instead of putting it all on the shoulders. Thankfully, the ends of this strap can be pushed back into the pack when not in use so they aren’t a nuisance.



maxpedition-vulture-II_5A few editors pointed out that there is a bit too much webbing in the bag though others enjoyed it as it allows for the attachment of extra gear. Others noted that the pack’s style is a little bit too plain. Simply put, there’s little visual flare on the pack. It is merely one solid color except for the bottom, which is a blue nylon. Another editor mentioned that he would have liked for the water holder to be placed on one or both sides of the backpack so that he didn’t have to remove it from his back and unzip it to access his fluids. While it is larger than the typical backpack, it is noticeably smaller than the typical Alice Pack.


maxpedition-vulture-II_6Maxpedition’s Vulture 2 is ideal for trips of 3 days or shorter. Our team of editors had no significant complaints regarding the pack except that it wouldn’t suffice for any outing longer than 3 days. Our 72 hour expedition required filling the pack to the brim and there was absolutely no room left over. The pack is ideal for outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a reliable backpack that is all about function over form.


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