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We last published our review of GORUCK’s flagship ruck sack, the GR-1.  Since then, the military-grade gear manufacturer has created a backpack meant exclusively for rucking, otherwise characterized as walking extended distances while carrying heavy weight.  The GORUCK Rucker can fit special weighted plates, as well as standard gear meant for hiking or camping. Whether it’s for rucking or conventional backpacking, the Rucker is marketed as a goruck-rucker_2_200multi-functional, highly resistant and resilient pack with ample room for supplies and impressive back and chest support. With the Rucker boasting such impressive features, we had to try it out for ourselves to see how they backed up their big talk, and we found some impressive results in the process.


The Rucker comes in two sizes of 20 liters and 25 liters, with the smaller size recommended for customers under 6 feet tall. They also come in four possible color schemes: Blue, Green, Red and Tan. The material used for its construction is of a grade on par with materials used by the Special Forces, featuring weather-resistant YKK zippers and highly durable 1000 denier Cordura fabric. The GORUCK Rucker is primarily designed to carry weighted plates for the goruck-rucker_4_200purpose of rucking, or hiking with added weight. However, the Rucker can easily carry alternative items, such as a laptop or liquid bladder, even touting additional accessories meant to facilitate some such items. In addition to a hose retainer for a fluid bladder, extra features available to discerning customers include a carabiner for holding a key ring, a pocket for water bottles, and a strap to provide additional sternum support when rucking.

Notable Features

As previously mentioned, this GORUCK product is designed with Special Forces-grade material. The zippers used have been proven to withstand highly corrosive environments such as deserts, and the high thickness of the Cordura material ensure it can hold excessive weight without tearing or causing discomfort. The added option of a sternum strap ensures weight is goruck-rucker_6_200distributed evenly throughout the back when rucking, and can engage the core as well as the back during strenuous physical activity. Even without purchasing an additional sternum strap, the Rucker supports a hip strap, which still provides weight distribution and core support when traveling with heavy weight.

As a pack meant primarily for transporting weights, this rucksack has been exhaustively strength tested, and has been verified to support up to 400 pounds comfortably, which we have confirmed with multiple field tests. The pack opens flat, making storage simple and ensuring supplies stay neatly organized, even after we traveled several miles. The outside material is waterproof with a small section of Velcro near the top, perfect for adding a custom decorative patch. Unfortunately, while this pack can support a laptop, it is not designed to store them; it is only designed to carry weighted plates and camping equipment. For this reason, we goruck-rucker_7_200do not recommend using this product as a laptop bag, even though storing one is possible, simply because there is no guarantee of the device’s safety. The manufacturer recommends one of their other packs for such use. Finally, GORUCK offers a lifetime guarantee for this product, meaning any issues such as torn pockets or damaged straps can be handled free of charge through the manufacturer.


~ Highly resistant Special Forces grade material
~ Different color schemes
~ Extra chest and hip support
~ Lifetime guarantee ensures return on investment


~ Above average price point
~ Additional accessories needed to fully utilize fluid bladder
~ Not recommended as a laptop bag
~ Less storage space offered in smaller model for shorter customers

GORUCK Rucker Conclusion

The GORUCK Rucker is a thoroughly impressive product that withstood everything we threw at it. As a high-end rucksack, we recommend this product to any avid camper, hiker or rucker, goruck-rucker_8_200especially those looking to compete in the GORUCK Challenge. While it can certainly contain the heavy textbooks and laptops of a student, we do not recommend purchasing this product for use as a book bag or laptop bag, simply because it is not designed for that purpose. There are several cheaper options for a discerning student looking for a sturdy bag, with the manufacturer even offering some enticing alternatives. However, should a student want to use this product as a book bag, they would find it to facilitate their needs expertly, if at a price point higher than normal.

The ideal customer for this product is a fitness-motivated individual who may compete in strength challenges and wants something made of highly resistant material that can keep up goruck-rucker-colors_200with their active lifestyle. The higher than normal price point signifies that this is a specialty item, meant for use by those who know what they’re doing. An amateur or journeyman in rucking or camping would perhaps be satisfied with a cheaper product, but they wouldn’t know what they’re missing: any fitness-oriented individual can gain quite a bit from using this pack, and the highly resilient construction and lifetime guarantee ensure that this is a pack that will be used for years to come. For these reasons, and after performing exhaustive field tests on this product, we believe the GORUCK Rucker is worth the price of admission, providing everything a rucker needs in a convenient package. Go wild, and happy rucking!


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