REVIEW: Military Modular Sleep System


The Military Modular Sleep System is a 4 piece outfit which includes 2 sleeping bags, waterproof Gore-Tex® Bivy cover and stuff sack and, most importantly, made our top 3 reviewed cold weather sleeping bags.  Commonly referred to as the Marine Corps Sleeping System, Army Modular Sleep System and Improved Modular Sleep System, this rig is a high quality, military grade integrated system which is made right here in the USA by Tennier Industries and is designed to withstand just about anything short of enemy fire.
Military Modular Sleep System


This Military Sleep System is a compact, interchangeable, and highly adaptable set of sleeping apparatus. The carry bag measures 22″ long by 14″ wide when rolled in the nylon water-resistant sack that weighs a meager eight pounds. The largest bag, the Bivy, is 80″ long and 34″ wide at the top and 28″ wide at the bottom. The patrol bag and the ICW are 80″ long and 34″ wide. Each of these components of this system are constructed from fray resistant nylon with water shedding and waterproof capabilities. There are universal camouflage patterns and color options available for optimum blending with the surrounding environment.

Notable Features

Military Modular Sleep System
    • Lightweight
      There’s a full line up of cold weather bags here, but given the amazing warmth of this system, we thought we would mention one of the first incredible features of this system we all loved was the fact that the entire pack only weighed eight pounds. This was certainly appreciated more as the climb progressed. The fact that the system included a waterproof cover also saved us from having to haul a tent with us up the mountainside. These sleeping systems were enough cover to allow us to enjoy our night of slumber out under the clear night sky.
    • Interchangeable Units
      Being able to change the sleeping system’s interchangeable parts with the universal Bivy cover allowed us to utilize different parts of the sleeping system at different levels of temperature and weather as we ascended. When the weather at the bottom of the mountain was in the balmy 60’s, many of us chose to utilize just the Bivy cover, while a few utilized the bivy cover with the patrol bag. As we climbed higher, we all eventually were kept warm by the addition of the ICW sleeping component being added. The drawstring top was a great help to keeping our heads and faces warm when the temperatures were excessively harsh and the wind was blowing all through the night high in the mountains.
Military Modular Sleep System
  • Extra Boot Room
    It is a fact that human beings need to relieve themselves periodically, and unfortunately nature often calls in the middle of the night. When spending the night in the great outdoors, running water and toilet facilities are not to be found on the side of a mountain. This sleeping system comes with the answer for that issue. The extra foot space allows for enclosure of the bag without taking boots or shoes off. By allowing this extra room at the foot of the bag gave us the option of keeping our thermal boots on when we were near the summit where it was extremely cold.
  • Sturdy Zipper System
    Each of the bags are designed so that the user can utilize the system quickly and easily with the aid of large and easy to operate zippers from top to bottom. It also made it very convenient for Jan who must have gotten up to urinate at least 5 times a night. Other members of the group commented on how easy the operation of the zippers were, which they had not been able to experience with other types of sleeping systems. As a group, we all loved this feature of an easy and quick exit, but no one more than Jan.



To finish up our mountain climbing testing on our equipment, we compiled a comprehensive list of the benefits of the Military Modular Sleep System 4 Piece with Gore-Tex Bivy Cover and Carry Sack. Earning the highest number of votes for our group was the ability of the system to be used in a number of situations and temperatures. Each member of the group was able to customize their warmth level by utilizing different components of the system.

The next highest voted pro was the total protection of this complete system being effective to -50° F. This was an essential and welcomed pro for this system. Even though the wind and cold were all around us, the pivy cover kept the wind out and the heat in.

The last thing that the group unanimously agreed on being an important and noteworthy pro is the weight and compactness of the system. At a light eight pounds, this system is simple to haul and nearly unnoticeable.


As a group, we also evaluated what we did not like about the system. Two members of our 9 person group were unhappy because they were kept too warm during the night. However, neither of them chose to utilize the bottom zipper on the system to allow air to flow through their bags.


The uses for this four piece system are many. With the ability to use the cover with each individual piece, the Military Modular Sleep Systemability to separate the bags from each other and use them independently is essential for personnel assigned to field work for long periods at a time. The range of uses, compact design, and lightweight materials make this system a must for any adventurist who needs to be able to mobilize quickly. Military personnel and non-military outdoor adventurists will both benefit and enjoy their outdoor experience while staying dry and warm when they use the Military Modular Sleep System 4 Piece with Gore-Tex Bivy Cover and Carry Sack. Our team was incredibly impressed with the performance of this warm, interchangeable, and lightweight sleeping system.


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  • Keith Apr 18, 2016, 3:47 am

    Where is the best place to purchase one of these sacks? Retired military, weeks from graduating with a degree in geology, I’m freezing my butt off on field trips! Need one ASAP!!

    • Mike Apr 19, 2016, 8:48 pm

      I suggest Amazon because they generally have the best price. Take a look here. These outfits are made by Tennier Industries.

  • Martin Shellabarger Feb 5, 2017, 11:18 pm

    When I lived in Minnesota, in the 70s, I used to put a TrailWise Slimline mummy inside a Class V Black Ice winter bag. Good to about -70! Basically the same principle which the MMSS uses. I am a former USMC CAM, so “Semper Fi!”

  • Bella Mar 30, 2017, 6:00 am

    I’m a little bitch when it comes to cold! I’m looking at buying this thing but I have a couple of concerns – will it roll up small enough to fit in a standard issue patrol pack? How quickly can you stuff it inside your pack? Sometimes we only get 5-10 minutes for reveille.

    • Mike Mar 30, 2017, 12:23 pm

      You could fit it inside a patrol pack, but it would take up more than half the space. If it were me, I’d roll with just the heavier of the bags. I used to just stuff that in the bottom of my ALICE pack, and throw everything else on top.

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