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For the past 50 years, Slumberjack has been producing quality equipment for your outdoor and sporting needs. Originally located in Boulder, Colorado, their products have begun to attract attention nation-wide. Slumberjack outdoor equipment can now be found in dealers across the United States and Canada. You may actually recognize several of their products without realizing it. The company makes many popular products, including tents, sleeping bags, sporting packs. With their focus on portability and comfort, Slumberjack has risen to be a leader in the outdoor equipment market.

Slumberjack-Latitude_1Today, we will be reviewing one of Slumberjack’s most highly acclaimed sleeping bags: the Latitude. This bag made our top 3 best cold weather sleeping bags list, if you were reading at that time. First produced in 2011, the Latitude is now ranked 45th in the top 100 sleeping bags on Amazon. Will it stand up to our test today? Let’s check it out.

The Latitude measures in at the respectable length of 82”. For most people, this length will be more than enough space to feel comfortable. If you’re on the low or high end of size, you shouldn’t start worrying just yet. Slumberjack actually offers two additional sizes beyond their Regular. The Short, measuring at 74”, offers a smaller and lighter weight option. The Long, measuring at 86”, adds some extra room for even the tallest person. All of the packs have roughly the same width (30”), increasing just a little bit for each size you go up.

To be honest, the Latitude is really built to handle whatever you can throw at it. You can see this in how well the bag can withstand extremely cold environments. Insulated with Slumberloft Synethic, the Latitude can keep you warm in settings as low as 20 degrees. On cold nights like that, you’ll definitely want a pack that can keep you warm through the night. The Latitude does just that. It uses a two layer construction to help retain that heat all night long. The bag has an available space for storage, and comes in the sleek green and black design.

Notable Features:
We can say that this sleeping bag definitely has a lot to offer potential customers. If you are going to be doing any type of outdoor activities in a cold environment, you can’t go wrong with this pack. The Latitude has shown to have excellent heat retention during those frigid nights. It even includes the ability Slumberjack-Latitude2to protect your head and face by tightening a drawstring near the top. It also offers some really great sizing options to help you find the pack that’s right for you. Both tall and short individuals can find serious value in the Latitude. This is all topped off by a soft and comfortable interior and exterior for the bag.

  • Excellent heat retention
  • Drawstring hood to protect face
  • Several sizes to find the right fit
  • Comfortable lining and exterior

When we are searching for a solid camping sleeping bag, we want it to be comfortable and keep us warm. As we mentioned before, that may actually be the Latitude’s strongest strength. The synthetic allows you to really get comfortable and enjoy the pack. It can easily be used outside, within a tent, or even within your car. It has a very comfortable feel to it as well. You’ll be able to enjoy the softness of the bag while sleeping warmly through the night.

We’re disappointed that the kit only came in green and black. We always enjoy getting to customize our camping experience, and one way we enjoy that is through personalizing our equipment. Offering a few different color schemes would really add to the appeal of the Latitude. Perhaps they could even add a lighter and more visible style of pack to the line-up. If we were able to have more of a selection to choose from, we would be able to give higher ratings to the Latitude.

Additionally, there are some issues that have been reported about the zipper with the Latitude. It’s not uncommon for the zipper to catch the bag’s material if you’re closing it quickly and not being precise. It’s always a little sad to see such a great product brought down by little things such as zipper problems. We didn’t have any zipper problems ourselves, but we would like to see Slumberjack make a transition to a better zipper that could prevent these types of incidents.

Let us start out by saying we think this is a great pack. Unlike many other bags lately, the Latitude brings a lot to the table, and a quick look at Amazon reviews will show that. It would be a great selection for anyone who is interested in doing some outdoor activities in a semi-cold or cold setting. Besides the zipper issue, it also seems to be a rather durable pack. We would recommend this sleeping bag for a short or medium length trip into those cold settings. For these trips, it would pair great with one of tents from Slumberjack’s selection. However, on those longer trips, the zipper has us a little concerned. We would like to see the zipper catch the material of the bag less. We are concerned that the zipper may not hold up to the constant wear that an extended trip can put on a bag.

Overall though, this sleeping bag is a good choice. With the comfort and heat retention, you will be getting your money’s worth. Several of our complaints are more on the cosmetic and accessory side. While we hope this get improved by Slumberjack in a later edition, we think this pack will be a worthwhile purchase for your camping and outdoor needs.


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